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Every cheat and tip for Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


On the second part of the first world, there's a part where WaddleDee takes you on a log to transport you across a large gap. It’s a little known fact, but you can hop on the weeblighter's back for a freeride, in case you're cretinous enough to keepfalling off.


Having difficulty gettingall those pesky enemy cards? Go to the very first level and justbarrel through it pronto. At the bonusitem screen, try to jump on the tan-coloured square with the question markon it. Do this enough times and youmay well get all the info cards. Mucheasier than mucking about trying tofind them all.

Unlimited 1-Ups

Blue Stars replace Crystal Shards when you reenter a cleared level, and you can return to a level you’ve already conquered and pilfer its Blue Stars till you get allthe 1-Ups you'll ever need. To do this quickly, go to a level where the Crystal was found near the beginning (Level 1-1, for example). Once you grab the Blue Star, pause the game and choose “Try Again.” Next, exit the level, then go right back into it so you can collect another Blue Star. You can repeat this process as often as you like.

Written by Zestorm

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