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Every cheat and tip for Gauntlet Legends

FIGHT FASTER: Enter hand-to-hand combat with your Familiar (achieved at level25) and hold down the Turbo button. Keep it held until the enemy dies, and you'll fire more quickly.

PLAY AS TAUROS : Enter the bonus stage in the first world and collect 50 tokens. The Tauros will now appear on the character screen.

PLAY AS SUMMONER : There's a hidden trap door on the Castle level, up aflight of stairs just before the exit. Enter for a bonus stage, and collect 50 coins to play as the Summoner.

PLAY AS FALCONESS : Collect 50 coins in the Treasury section of the Castle level. The Falconess is now yours.

PLAY AS JACKAL : Near the end of the second Iceworld, there's a pile of crates, which you can climb up to find a trap door. Collecting 50 coins within will give you the chance toplay as the Jackal.

EXTRA FRUIT : Use a potion before you open a chest or barrel that has Deathinside, and the GrimReaper will turn into fruit. This also works with poisoned potions.

UPGRADE WEAPONS : If your character evolves to Level 10, their weapon will grow in size. The same thing also happens at levels 75 and 99.

UPGRADE CHARACTER : Upgrade your character faster by deactivating every item you collect, selling them all to Sumner, then using the funds to buy your choice of attributes.

Written by Zestorm

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