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Every cheat and tip for Fighters Destiny

Secret Fighters

To get each secret playable fighters have a star next to your name. To get these stars, beat the game.

Boro: Beat on the Easy setting.

Robert the Robot: Beat all foes in the Faster Mode in less than -a minute.

The Joker: this isthe hardest of them all. Beat all 100 fighters in the Survival Mode.

The Master: Go through Master Modeand win each and every battle.

Ushi the cow: Go into Rodeo Mode and survive abattle with her for one minute. You can't kill her or the code won't work.

Easy Ninth Skill

Once you've mastered all eight skills from fighting the Master, duplicate your save game on to two control packs and stick them into two joypads. Now head for the Win or Lose mode and beat the spare opponent. They will lose a skill, but you will earn yourself a shiny star and red circle next to your name - oh, and the ninth skill. 

Beat Ushi easily
You'll need to stay alive for at least one minute against this opponent -so you'll want to find ways of stopping his attacks. Select a character with a good uppercut move and then juggle Ushi in the air with your standard combo. Vallerie is good for this, as her back-flipping uppercut (hack, forward, B) followed by her B, B, B, A combo will ensure you waste plenty of time. Successful dodging and blocking will open Ushi up to these attacks time and time again. 

Beat Master Mode easily

First of all don't wait for the wheel to get really fast before selecting otherwise you'll more than end up with the nasty Joker. Press that button early. Next, stay away from the edge because the Master will pull you down every time. Once you've got those two easy rules sorted, cheat your way to victory, as he'll fall for the same move over and over. Throws and sweeps are the best way to scor easy points - as well as the moves he teaches you himself.

Easy Time Attack Mode

This is another deceptively easy mode. Remember to use knockdowns every time for the first four rounds -if a rival blocks, just restart as it's easy to get through the first two characters in around ten seconds this way. For the Joker and Master, it's a case of getting in the first hit and playing cheap. If you find a move that works well, just repeat it as they're not exactly the smartest fighters in the world. Remember the uppercut-juggle technique too, as this will mess them both up real bad. If you entered the code correctly, you'll be returned to the main menu. 

Written by Zestorm

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