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Every cheat and tip for Extreme-G

All tracks : 81GGD5

All tracks : 61GGB5

All bikes turn into rolling stones : ROLLER

All of the landscape appears to be a wire frame : WIRED

All of the landscape on the screen becomes transparent : GHOSTLY

Grainy, pixelated, graphics : UGLYMODE

The camera zooms away from the bike : FISHEYE

The camera zooms closer to the bike : MAGNIFY

The speed of the race becomes even faster : XTREME

The track flips completely upside-down, and now the race takes place on the ceiling : ANTIGRAV

The track will become extremely slippery : BANANA

You get unlimited speed boosts : NITROID

Infinite number of missiles : ARSENAL

Bikes will now be invisible : STEALTH:

Written by Zestorm

Programmers' Faces

Go to the Bike Selection Screen. Press the R to get to the Controls Screen. Move HAUT and access the Name option. Clear the current name and enter XGTEAM as the name. Press START; listen for a sound to confirm the trick works. Now go back in and enter a programmer's name: GREG, JUSTIN, ASH, SHAWN or JOHN. In Practice or Time Trials Modes, you will see your face of choice on the top of the bike as you race. In Shoot-'Em-Up Mode, you will be chasing multiple copies of your chosen face!


Written by Zestorm

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