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Every cheat and tip for Excitebike 64

On the main menu screen,

Hold L+C-DROITE+C-BAS. While holding these buttons, press A and the “Enter a Cheat Code” menu will appear. On this screen, you may enter any of these passwords as shown.

Big Head Mode: BLAHBLAH

Invisible Rider: INVISRIDER

Stunt Bonus: SHOWOFF

Unlock Every Stunt: TRICKSTER

Mirror Tracks: YADAYADA

Tiny Head: PINHEAD

Beat This!: PATWELLS

Night Mode: MIDNIGHT

Transparent Riders: XLURIDER

Crazy Color Tracks: ROTCOLS

Programmer Information: IMGOINGNOW

Invicible : MOWER

Downhill Mode : WHEEEEEEEE

Team photos : UGLYMUGS

Written by Zestorm

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