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The abandoned Nintendo 64 projects

Title Developers Publisher
World1080° Snowboarding 2 Nintendo Nintendo
World3Sixty SmartDog Cryo Interactive
United States40 Winks Eurocom Entertainment Software GT Interactive
Japan64 Wars Hudson Soft Nintendo
Japan7th Legion Epic MegaGames GT Interactive
WorldAcclaim Sports Soccer Probe Entertainment Limited Acclaim
WorldActua Golf 4 Infogrames Infogrames
WorldAddams Family Pinball Digital Eclipse GT Interactive
United StatesAirboardin' 64 Human Entertainment ASCII Entertainment
WorldAirport Inc. Krisalis Software Telstar
United StatesAnimal Leader Saru Brunei Marigul Management
WorldAnimaniacs Ten Pin Alley Saffire ASC Games
WorldAquaria Lobotomy Software Crave Entertainment
WorldAssault Candle Light Studios Telstar
WorldAttack! DMA Design Midway
WorldBattle Dancer Konami Konami
WorldBattleSport 2 Cyclone Studios 3DO
JapanBio Tetris Seta Corporation Nintendo
WorldBirdie Codemasters Codemasters
EuropeBlade & Barrel Software Creations Kemco
United StatesBlades of Passage Pixelplay Interactive inconnu
WorldBuggie Boogie Nintendo Nintendo
JapanCabbage Nintendo Nintendo
WorldCaesar's Palace 64 Lobotomy Software Crave Entertainment
EuropeCalifornia Speed Atari Games Midway
WorldCarnivalé : Cenzo's Adventure Terra Glyph Interactive Studios Vatical Entertainment
WorldCatroots Marigul Nintendo
WorldCavalry Battle 3000 Japan Supply System Japan Supply System
WorldCentipede X Midway Midway
WorldChanbara Fighter Bottom Up Bottom Up
WorldConker's Twelve Tales Rare Ltd. Nintendo
WorldConscripts Software Creations inconnu
WorldContra Spirits Konami Konami
WorldCrazy Cajun Carl GameTek inconnu
JapanCreator Software Creations Nintendo
WorldCu-On-Pa T&E Soft T&E Soft
WorldD-Jump Ubi Soft Ubi Soft
JapanDT64 Marigul Nintendo
WorldDead Ahead Software Creations Optical Entertainment
WorldDeadly Honor inconnu TecMagik
WorldDeer Hunter 64 inconnu Microware
WorldDerby Day inconnu ChunSoft
WorldDescent 64 Paralax Software Interplay
JapanDesert Island 64 Imagineer Imagineer
WorldDethKarz Tantalus Interactive GT Interactive
JapanDezaemon DD Athena inconnu
WorldDie Hard 64 Interactive Studios Ltd. Fox Interactive
WorldDinosaur Planet Rare Ltd. Nintendo
WorldDoom Absolution ID Software Midway
JapanDoubutsu Banchou Saru Brunei Marigul Management
WorldDragon Sword Interactive Studios Ltd. MGM
FranceDream Story Eurocom Entertainment Software GT Interactive
United StatesEarthbound 64 HAL Labs Nintendo
WorldEcho-Delta Clever Trick Marigul Management
WorldEgg Head Shred Paradigm Entertainment inconnu
WorldEmperor of the Jungle Silicon Knights Nintendo
WorldEternal Darkness Silicon Knights Nintendo
WorldExtreme Sports 64 Innerloop Studios Infogrames
WorldF-18 Super Hornet inconnu Titus Software
WorldF1 '98 inconnu inconnu
WorldFIFA 2000 inconnu Electronic Arts
WorldFinal Fantasy 64 Square Enix inconnu
WorldFinal Round 64 Konami Konami
WorldFire Emblem 64 Intelligent Systems Nintendo
WorldFirst Samurai 64 Vivid Image Vivid Image
WorldForever Dragonz Software Creations inconnu
WorldFrank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Acclaim Acclaim
WorldFreak Boy Zono Incorporated Virgin Interactive
WorldFrogger 2 : Swampy's Revenge Blitz Games Hasbro Interactive
WorldGendai Dai-Senryaku : Ultimate War Seta Corporation Nintendo
JapanGendai Dai-Senryaku : Ultimate War Seta Corporation Nintendo
WorldGhouls 'n' Ghosts 64 Capcom Capcom
WorldGlover 2 Interactive Studios Ltd. Hasbro Interactive
WorldGolgo 13 Vic Tokai Vic Tokai
WorldGrand Theft Auto 64 Rockstar Games Take2 Interactive
WorldGun Turret Legend inconnu inconnu
WorldHarrier 2001 Paradigm Entertainment Video System
WorldHashire Boku no Uma inconnu Culture Brain
WorldHype : Time Quest Ubi Soft Ubi Soft
JapanIkazuchi no Go toku Toyogo Inc. Seta Corporation
WorldInternational Rally Championship Imagineer Imagineer
JapanJack and the Beanstalk HAL Labs Nintendo
WorldJeff Gordon XS Racing Natsume ASC Games
WorldJest Curved Logic Ocean
WorldJetball Codemasters Codemasters
WorldJoust 64 Player 1 Midway
WorldJungle Bots Conceptual Realities Titus Software
WorldKasparov Chess Titus Software Titus Software
WorldKirby's Air Ride Nintendo Nintendo
WorldKlepto Utopia Technologies Nintendo
WorldKyle Petty’s No Fear Racing Leland Interactive Media Williams Entertainment
WorldLethal Encounter Digital Image Designs Ocean
WorldLobo Ocean Ocean
WorldLooney Tunes : Space Race Zed Two Limited Infogrames
WorldMagic Flute Sunsoft Sunsoft
WorldMagic the Gathering : Armageddon inconnu Acclaim
JapanMakaimura 64 Capcom Capcom
WorldMetroïd 64 DMA Design Nintendo
WorldMini Racers Looking Glass Studio Nintendo
WorldMission : Impossible 2 inconnu Ocean
WorldMomotarou Festival inconnu Konami
WorldMonster Dunk Mindscape Mindscape
WorldMontezuma's Return Utopia Technologies TecMagik
WorldMortal Kombat : Special Forces Midway Midway
JapanMother 3 HAL Labs Nintendo
WorldMystics Realtime Associates Nintendo
WorldNBA Showtime 2000 Eurocom Entertainment Software Midway
WorldNHL Blades of Steel 2000 Konami Konami
WorldNHRA Drag Racing Gremlin Interactive Gremlin Interactive
WorldNeed for Speed 64 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts
WorldNightmare Creatures II Kalisto Activision
WorldNinja 64 inconnu Capcom
JapanNomen Quest H2O Interactive THQ
WorldO.D.T. Psygnosis Eidos Interactive
JapanOhcouchi Gengorou Ikka inconnu inconnu
JapanOriental Blue Hudson Soft Hudson Soft
WorldPilotwings 64 2 Paradigm Entertainment Nintendo
WorldPitfall 64 Activision Activision
WorldPowerslide Emergent Software inconnu
JapanProject Cairo Craveyard Crave Entertainment
WorldPuma Street Soccer Pixel Storm Sunsoft
WorldQuest 2 Imagineer Imagineer
WorldQuest for Camelot Titus Software Titus Software
WorldRally Masters Digital Illusions Infogrames
WorldRed Baron Sierra Sierra
WorldResident Evil 0 Capcom Capcom
WorldRev Limit Seta Corporation Seta Corporation
WorldRidge Racer V Namco Nintendo
WorldRiqa Bits Studio Nintendo
WorldRobotech : Crystal Dreams GameTek GameTek
WorldRollerball Z-Axis, Ltd. MGM
WorldRonaldo V-Football Power & Magic Infogrames
WorldRoswell Conspiracies : Aliens, Myths & Legends Crawfish RedStorm
WorldRoto Gunners TecMagik TecMagik
EuropeRuff & Tumble Eurocom Entertainment Software GT Interactive
WorldSea-Doo Hydrocross Vicarious Visions Vatical Entertainment
WorldShadowgate Rising Infinite Ventures Kemco
JapanSimCopter 64 Maxis Electronic Arts
WorldSmurfs 64 Infogrames Infogrames
JapanSnow Speeder Genki Imagineer
WorldSouth Park 64 2 Iguana Entertainment Acclaim
WorldSpace Bunnies Must Die! Jinx/Ripcord Games Take2 Interactive
WorldSpace Jelly Software Creations inconnu
WorldSpooky ICE Project2
GermanyStarcraft 64 Blizzard Blizzard
JapanSuper Mario 64 2 Nintendo Nintendo
JapanSuper Real Island Imagineer Imagineer
WorldSurf Assault Looking Glass Studio inconnu
WorldSurvivor : Day One Konami Konami
JapanSuul Genki Imagineer
WorldSydney 2000 Olympics Attention To Detail Eidos Interactive
WorldTamiya Racing 64 Looking Glass Studio Nintendo
JapanTeo 64 Marigul Fujitsu
WorldTest Drive Rally DICE Infogrames
WorldThe Reign of Cats and Dogs Paradox Games inconnu
WorldThornado Factor 5 Factor 5
WorldThrasher : Skate and Destroy Z-Axis, Ltd. Take2 Interactive
WorldTitle Defense inconnu Climax Entertainment
WorldToeJam & Earl inconnu GT Interactive
WorldTommy Thunder Player 1 ASC Games
WorldToon Panic Bottom Up Bottom Up
WorldTopGun 64 Micropose Titus Software
WorldTrick Style Criterion Games Acclaim
WorldTurrican 64 Factor 5 Factor 5
WorldUEFA Soccer '98 Power & Magic Ocean
WorldUltra Baseball 64 inconnu Culture Brain
United StatesUltra Combat Software Creations Kemco
JapanUltra Genjin Hudson Soft Hudson Soft
JapanUnreal 64 DMA Design GT Interactive
WorldVR Powerboat Racing Terra Glyph Interactive Studios Vatical Entertainment
WorldVRS Racer Marigul inconnu
WorldVX Vampire XDV-7 Paradigm Entertainment inconnu
WorldVampire Circus Zed Two Limited Ocean
WorldVelvet Dark Rare Ltd. Nintendo
WorldViewpoint 2064 Sammy Sammy
WorldWWF Warzone 2 Iguana Entertainment Acclaim
JapanWall Street Nintendo Nintendo
WorldWar : Final Assault Atari Games Midway
WorldWarball Looking Glass Studio inconnu
WorldWarspirits Candle Light Studios inconnu
WorldWaterworks Optimus inconnu
WorldWeekins SuperHappyFunFun inconnu
WorldWet Corpse Vic Tokai Vic Tokai
WorldWild Metal Country DMA Design Gremlin Interactive
WorldWild Water World Championship Promethean Design Interplay
WorldWild Waters Looking Glass Studio Ubi Soft
WorldWinnie the Pooh inconnu Mattel
WorldX'treme Roller Microïds Microïds
WorldX-Men : Mutant Academy Syrox Development Activision
WorldYoung Olympians Saffire inconnu
WorldZenith DMA Design Nintendo

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