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Nintendo64EVER, that's THE reference about Nintendo 64, its web-encyclopaedia. You'll find here various and numerous content : all the games released on the machine everywhere in the world, hundreds of exclusive videos, thousands of pictures and magazines scans, tests and walkthroughs for more than half of the games, as well as articles written by our members. This site is also yours, Nintendo 64 fans or only curious to (re-)discover this machine. Don't hesitate to register, take part in our message board, and write tests, articles and walkthroughs online, using our dynamic content editor.

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22/01/2020 : Technical updates in the upcoming weeks (by LordSuprachris)
During the upcoming weeks, I'll proceed with "technical" updates on the site. There won't normally be any "visual" modifications but the "engine" behind the site will evolve, what could cause some weird behaviours on some pages, maybe some errors.

Don't worry, it could last until mid-March, depending of my workload.

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22/08/2018 : Export all your collections! (by LordSuprachris)
Last month, we had added the possibility to export your games collection and the list of the games you're still missing compared to the site database. Today, we extend this feature to the other five types of "collectables" of the site : the bundles, the accessories, the magazines, the goodies and the books.

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01/08/2018 : New look for the bundles page! (by LordSuprachris)
The Nintendo 64 bundles page has been deeply renewed to offer a better view on the 164 bundles we have referenced so far on Nintendo64EVER! We're still missing a good picture for a handful of them and we're looking for better quality pictures (higher resolution and/or better framing) for more than half of them so if you have these bundles and could take some pictures, we would greatly appreciate it.

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11/07/2018 : Nintendo 64 history FINALLY translated in English! (by LordSuprachris)
It was something I had always postponed to the future but it's now done! The (shortened) history of the Nintendo 64 is now translated in English. I tried to do my best but, even if I consider I speak English fluently, it's not my mother tongue thus, should you find any mistake I made (and I surely made some), feel free to point me them in the message board.

Enjoy reading.

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10/07/2018 : New feature: export your N64 games collection (by LordSuprachris)
A new feature is now available for all registered members. From the page "My Collection", you can export the list of the games in your collection and the list of the games you're still missing to own every version of every Nintendo 64 game released.
Beware: don't open the file directly with Excel as the software doesn't handle special characters properly.

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16/05/2018 : New feature: the search! (by LordSuprachris)
It's been a while since this feature had been asked and the wait is now over: the search feature is available!

Type in a word or a part of a word in the box on the right and you'll get the list of the games released and unreleased, the bundles, the accessories, the goodies, the magazines, the books, the publishers, the developers, ... matching your criterion.

If you have any other idea or suggestion for the site, don't hesitate to tell us via the message board or the contact form.

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08/05/2018 : A new layout for the goodies page. (by LordSuprachris)
I've worked on a new layout for the goodies page on the site. Since now, as for the bundles and the accessories, each goodie has its own dedicated page to put more light on their pictures and members collections.

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06/04/2018 : NINTENDO64EVER : 10 years already!!! (by LordSuprachris)
Indeed, 10 years ago exactly, we launched Nintendo64EVER into the wild. Honestly, when we started the site, we would have signed everything to be still there today and here we are. Obviously, the site had ups & downs, has changed, evolved and even if the activity slowed down a bit as years went by, there's still room for improvement, between new functionalities to develop and the content to update over and over again.

Count on us to still be there in 10 years!

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09/02/2018 : The message board is back! (by LordSuprachris)
As you'd probably noticed, the message baord had been down for days due to technical problems. Their cause was not easy to determine but they're all solved now. You can come back! :)

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05/01/2018 : New section : the books! (by LordSuprachris)
We are proud to introduce the new section of the site: the Nintendo 64 books! In this section, you'll find (when it's filled) all the books and guides published about the Nintendo 64 and its games library. As other items on the site, you can also add them to your collection, sell them or tell the world you're looking for them.
Hope you enjoy this new addition and be sure it's not over :)

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