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Nintendo64EVER, that's THE reference about Nintendo 64, its web-encyclopaedia. You'll find here various and numerous content : all the games released on the machine everywhere in the world, hundreds of exclusive videos, thousands of pictures and magazines scans, tests and walkthroughs for more than half of the games, as well as articles written by our members. This site is also yours, Nintendo 64 fans or only curious to (re-)discover this machine. Don't hesitate to register, take part in our message board, and write tests, articles and walkthroughs online, using our dynamic content editor.

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05/01/2018 : New section : the books! (by LordSuprachris)
We are proud to introduce the new section of the site: the Nintendo 64 books! In this section, you'll find (when it's filled) all the books and guides published about the Nintendo 64 and its games library. As other items on the site, you can also add them to your collection, sell them or tell the world you're looking for them.
Hope you enjoy this new addition and be sure it's not over :)

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28/12/2017 : New page: the magazines by year (by LordSuprachris)
To celebrate the end of the year, we have just added a new page on the site to list all the Magazines published by year about the Nintendo 64. It was in the pipe for weeks and I recently finally found enough time to finalize it and put it online.

Other new additions are planned for 2018, stay tuned on Nintendo64EVER, THE best website about the Nintendo 64!

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31/03/2017 : Upgrade to UTF-8 (by LordSuprachris)
From today's evening and during the entire week-end, we'll upgrade Nintendo64EVER to use the UTF-8 encoding. Because of this you may see some weird characters on pages that haven't been upgraded yet. We hope that everything will be completed and fully functional on Sunday evening.

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26/02/2017 : Nintendo64EVER partially back online (by LordSuprachris)
Nintendo64EVER is partially back online! There are still some minor bugs remaining here and there but the majority of the pages are fully available.

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28/09/2016 : Nintendo64EVER's progress in a few numbers. (by LordSuprachris)
We don't mention every addition made to the site but believe us, there are a lot every week. Here's a little overview of the site's content in a few numbers :
- 1529 games, including 1505 on Nintendo 64 and it's not over, we add eight new ones every Wednesday. The 10 Nintendo 64DD and 14 iQue Player games have been present on the site for a long time.
- 189 unreleased games, cancelled during their development, about which we try to gather as much information as we can.
- 550 descriptions copied from the back of the boxes of the games.
- 355 Nintendo 64 games videos, practically one of every released game!
- 325 games music, in direct streaming and available to download.
- Nearly 5900 games pictures, screenshots, advertisings and artworks.
- 102 ports & remakes of Nintendo 64 games on more recent systems.
- 65 Nintendo 64 bundles, 167 accessories and 35 goodies referenced. These yet very incomplete sections will be the subject of particular attention and huge updates in 2017.
- 1600 games magazines from 94 different series published all over the world. Nearly 11900 pages from these magazines have been scanned, allowing us to provide you with 2700 reviews, more than 500 previews and board ;-)

01/06/2016 : More than 1400 games on the site! (by LordSuprachris)
With today's additions, Nintendo64EVER has now more than 1400 Nintendo 64, 64DD and iQue Player games in its database. You can browse every game quickly and don't forget to follow our Twitter account @N64EVEROfficial to stay up to date with the regular additions of contents, something's telling me it's far from being over... ;-)

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24/12/2015 : Nintendo64EVER is on Twitter! (by LordSuprachris)
It was probably more than time and it's now done, Nintendo64EVER has its official Twitter acount : @N64EVEROfficial. We'll keep you inform about the small regular content updates we make, the big announcements being kept published on the site.

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20/12/2015 : New features for the end of this year! (by LordSuprachris)
The technical update is over!

Here's a small list of the new features now available on Nintendo 64 :
- Ports and remakes of Nintendo 64 games now have a dedicated section and won't be included anymore among the "real" Nintendo 64, 64DD and iQue Player ames : ports and remakes. The transfer of the games to this new page will be completed during the Christmas holidays.
- During the first months of 2016, we'll progressively add the texts from the back of games' boxes on the site. You can already have a slight overview by reading the text from the box of Banjo-Kazooie in its american version.
- A special attention is now given to the previews from the magazines, which are (nearly) equal to reviews and walkthroughs. You can see the preview in a specific magazine, all the previews present on the site or even the previews of unreleased games.
- Last but not least, there are some new pages to filter the games according to the average rating they receive from magazines reviews. They're splitted in seven categories in which the games are ordered from the "best" to the "worst".

Some minor bugs have also been fixed here and there and the loading of some metadata has been optimized to make the site even more faster.

Envoy your visit on Nintendo64EVER and don't hesitate to give us your remarks and advices on our message board.

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18/12/2015 : Technical update on Sunday 20th December (by LordSuprachris)
This Sunday I'll proceed to a technical update of the core of the website to fix some minor bugs, improve some small functionalities and, moreover, publish some corrections invisible to our visitors but so important for Nintendo64EVER :)
So, if you visit us on Sunday, don't be surprised if the site reacts weirdly. Everything should be back to normal in the evening.

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19/11/2015 : Database update : all publishers defined (by LordSuprachris)
A big update to our database with the addition of all the publishers for every game present on the site. We can now see that behind Nintendo, Acclaim, Midway and Konami published the most games on our favourite console.

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