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Nintendo64EVER, that's THE reference about Nintendo 64, its web-encyclopaedia. You'll find here various and numerous content : all the games released on the machine everywhere in the world, hundreds of exclusive videos, thousands of pictures and magazines scans, tests and walkthroughs for more than half of the games, as well as articles written by our members. This site is also yours, Nintendo 64 fans or only curious to (re-)discover this machine. Don't hesitate to register, take part in our message board, and write tests, articles and walkthroughs online, using our dynamic content editor.

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26/11/2020 : New page: the 'Not For Resale' N64 games (by LordSuprachris)
A new page is now available on Nintendo64EVER: the Not For Resale Nintendo 64 games. Previously, they were mixed in the generic page containing the special editions of N64 games. Now, these particular cartridges have their own page, allowing you to find them with two mouse clicks.

20/11/2020 : Some books finally listed on the site! (by LordSuprachris)
Almost three years after the opening of the section on Nintendo 64-related books , it finally fills with almost 150 books. Everything comes at the right time for those who know how to wait :) This section is obviously not yet complete, far from it because I only included part of the game guides marketed in Japan and the United States.

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11/11/2020 : Known prototypes of Nintendo 64 games (by LordSuprachris)
A new page appears today on the site : the Nintendo 64 games prototypes. There you will find information on known development cartridges with prototypes of Nintendo 64 games, released or not.

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27/10/2020 : Australian magazines detailled on Nintendo64EVER (by LordSuprachris)
We have added reviews of Nintendo 64 games published in the first 34 issues of the Australian magazine N64 Gamer. We've also published full scans of fourteen issues of this magazine dedicated to our favorite console. The Nintendo 64 having been more successful there than in Europe, the press covered its news to the end, offering us previews and tests for the latest games released on the console. In 2001, the magazine was renamed Nintendo Gamer and focused more on the GameCube. We offer you some scans from the first issues of this magazine that talk about the latest N64 titles.

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12/10/2020 : Two new pages on Nintendo64EVER! (by LordSuprachris)
The site is enriched with two new pages in the "The games by criterion" section. The first lists the Nintendo 64 games according to the cartridge size, the second according to their colour. This information was present from the beginning on Nintendo64EVER but did not yet have a dedicated page to use them.

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05/10/2020 : Big addition from German magazines MAN! AC (by LordSuprachris)
New big update in the magazines section with the addition of scans and details of 24 issues of the German magazine MAN!AC. It is a generalist magazine known for its rather harsh ratings in the tests which did not cover much of the news of the Nintendo 64 at the time. It's still a game from our favorite console that gets the best rating in magazine history, Super Mario 64, with 97%!

I take advantage of talking about German magazines to make a call to visitors speaking Goethe's language and would like to help us translate the site into German: you are more than welcome! :)

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27/09/2020 : New page for the Nintendo 64 accessories (by LordSuprachris)
The page listing the Nintendo 64 accessories is getting a makeover. Now the accessories are grouped by country. We took the opportunity to add different versions of certain accessories but we still lack a lot, a huge lot. If you do not find an existing accessory in the list of the site, do not hesitate to let us know so that we can add it.

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14/09/2020 : More magazines and solutions! (by LordSuprachris)
A new batch of British magazines is available on the site with nearly every issue of the 64 Solutions series scanned and analysez. We already offered the 2nd and 3rd issues, there are now the first 9 and the 13th and last issue available, offering complete walkthrough and solution for no less than 35 games! If you have or know a way to get the 3 issues we're still missing (10, 11 and 12), you'd be more than welcome, so that we could offer the full collection to read and download.
As of now, you can read the full maps of all the levels of Quake, the best strategies and tips to win the gold on all events in Nagano Winter Olympics 98, the first complete solutions for Gex 64: Enter The Gecko, Mystical Ninja 2 or Forsaken, all of this await you on Nintendo64EVER. You won't have any excuse not to finish these games!

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04/09/2020 : N64 magazine section updated (by LordSuprachris)
The N64 magazine page has been updated with many issues completely shelled. Twelve issues are fully scanned and, thanks to the Magazines From The Past website, every review written in the first 44 magazines (among 59) could have been added to our database.
The site now has 1787 referenced magazines, more than 3000 reviews, 1500 previews, 450 walkthroughs and nearly 16000 scanned pages, with several big updates still planned in the upcoming weeks! Nintendo64EVER, definitely THE historical reference about the Nintendo 64!

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22/01/2020 : Technical updates in the upcoming weeks (by LordSuprachris)
During the upcoming weeks, I'll proceed with "technical" updates on the site. There won't normally be any "visual" modifications but the "engine" behind the site will evolve, what could cause some weird behaviours on some pages, maybe some errors.

Don't worry, it could last until mid-March, depending of my workload.

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