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Japan The 64 Dream ?? Issues
A Japanese magazine focused on the Nintendo 64.

United Kingdom Total 64 ?? Issues
An English magazine dedicated to the Nintendo 64.

United Kingdom Total Control 11 Issues
A multi-format magazine.

Australia Total Games ?? Issues
A multi-format magazine from New-Zealand.

United Kingdom Total! ?? Issues
A magazine focused solely on Nintendo created consoles.

Germany Total! 100% Nintendo 100 Issues
A German magazine focused on Nintendo created consoles.

France Ultra 64 5 Issues
A Nintendo 64-exclusive magazine that quickly disappeared because of a lack of quality.

United Kingdom VSIXTYFOUR 3 Issues
A English magazine exclusive to the Nintendo 64 that had a very short life.

Germany Video Games ?? Issues
A German multi-format magazine.

Japan Weekly Famitsu ?? Issues
A weekly Japanese magazine.

France X64 38 Issues
An excellent N64-exclusive magazine with a lot of humor that didn't hesitate to bash crappy games. Certainly the best N64 magazine in France despite some doubtful reviews.

Germany big.N 19 Issues
big.N is a German magazine focused on Nintendo systems and is the successor of 64 Power.

Germany neXt Level 41 Issues
German multi-system magazine published during the second half of the 90's.

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Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye ()

Goldeneye 007 is a FPS following the movie story. It's one of the best games released on Nintendo 64.

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