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Nintendo 64 Tactic-RPG games

Role-playing games in which the fights take place in delimited areas where the environment impacts the results of the actions attempted.

Game Developers
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Quest Software
Super Robot Taisen 64 Banpresto

Game of the moment

Perfect Dark

screenshots_officiels (Perfect Dark)

Perfect Dark is a FPS set in a futuristic universe and one of the best game available on Nintendo 64.

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Hello! I found this,Nintendo-64-Special-Value-Pak,597,62.html# when I were searching for potential

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Almost three years after the opening of the section on Nintendo 64-related books , it finally fills with almost 150 books. Everything comes at the

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Pratiquement trois ans après l'ouverture de la section sur les livres liés à la Nintendo 64, elle se remplit enfin de pratiquement 150 ouvrages.

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Merci pour les liens. J'ai juste mis une liste que j'avais dans un fichier sur le site pour lancer la page, il manque encore plein de protos connus

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Il a l'air d'exister un bon paquet de prototypes de la console aussi ! Les gars de consolevariations en ont chopp quelques unes !

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A new page appears today on the site : the Nintendo 64 games prototypes. There you will find information on known development cartridges with

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Une nouvelle page fait son apparition aujourd'hui sur le site : les prototypes de jeux Nintendo 64. Vous y trouverez des informations sur les

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We have added reviews of Nintendo 64 games published in the first 34 issues of the Australian magazine N64 Gamer. We've also published full scans of