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Nintendo 64 games by their average rating from magazines tests

S (between 95% and 100%)
The biggest hits among the Nintendo 64 games, there all must-haves!
A (between 85% and 95%)
The very good Nintendo 64 games, often the best in their respective categories behind the top hits of the system
B (between 75% and 85%)
The good Nintendo 64 games, worth at least a try
C (between 65% and 75%)
The average games, they have some flaws but you can have some fun with them
D (between 55% and 65%)
The less-than-average games, big flaws in them but they can find an audience
E (between 45% and 55%)
The poor games, only for those who like the genre the most
F (between 0% and 45%)
The very bad games as the Nintendo 64 also has some

Game of the moment (random)

Dual Heroes

Introduction du combattant ()

Dual Heroes is a fighting game whose characters seem to be inspired by the Power Rangers.

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From today's evening and during the entire week-end, we'll upgrade Nintendo64EVER to use the UTF-8 encoding. Because of this you may see some weird...

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À partir de ce soir et durant tout le week-end, nous procédons à une première phase d'amélioration du site avec le...

LordSuprachris in Les news Nintendo64EVER
Nintendo64EVER is partially back online! There are still some minor bugs remaining here and there but the majority of the pages are fully available.