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The Nintendo 64 games by publishers

3DO (13) Acclaim (168)
Activision (54) Altron (1)
Amtechs (1) ASCII Entertainment (6)
ASK (3) Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc (3)
Atari Games (4) Athena (4)
Atlus Co. (13) bam! Entertainment (3)
Bandaï (3) Banpresto (3)
Big Ben Interactive (1) Bottom Up (5)
Capcom (14) Codemasters (4)
Compile (2) Crave Entertainment (12)
Culture Brain (8) Disney Interactive (3)
EA Sports (30) Eidos Interactive (1)
Electro Brain (2) Electronic Arts (50)
Electronic Arts Victor (2) Enix America, Inc. (3)
Epoch (5) ESP Software (1)
Fox Interactive (1) GameBank (3)
GameTek (2) Gradiente (75)
Gremlin Interactive (10) GT Interactive (40)
Hasbro Interactive (7) Hudson Soft (18)
Human Entertainment (4) I4 (1)
Imagineer (16) Infogrames (27)
Interplay (7) Japan Supply System (2)
Kemco (45) Koei (3)
Konami (94) Kotobuki Systems (4)
Lego Media (3) Lucas Arts (30)
Media Factory (1) Midway (130)
Mindscape (4) Namco (3)
Natsume (2) NewKidCo (1)
Nintendo (442) Ocean (32)
Playtronic (5) Rare Ltd. (3)
RedStorm (7) Rockstar Games (3)
Seta Corporation (7) SouthPeak Interactive (3)
Spike (1) Sunsoft (6)
T&E Soft (1) Taito Corporation (5)
Takara (5) Take2 Interactive (5)
Telenet (1) THQ (61)
Titus Software (20) Tokyo Electron (1)
Ubi Soft (35) UFO Interactive (2)
Vatical Entertainment (2) Vic Tokai (3)
Victor Interactive Software (2) Video System (19)
Virgin Interactive (3) Visco (1)  

Game of the moment (random)


Banjo Tooie ()

Banjo-Tooie is a 3D platformer/adventure game which suffered from a late release.

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