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Pilotwings 64

Royaume-UniPilotwings 64


Forget about those other flying games. This is the ultimate flight experience! Pilotwings 64 carries you off into a vast three-dimensional environment. Pilot several vehicles and take in breath taking sights. Successfully compelte flight tests to earn your flight badge. Get a high enough score and you'll get a chance at bonus games such as Cannonball and Sky Diving! Soar into the wild blue yonder with Pilotwings 64ç

  • Tons of aerial challenges for you to master!
  • Hop into the seat of a Gyrocopter and fire some missiles!
  • Strap on a Rocket Belt and check out places like Mt. Rushmore, the Space Needle and the Statue of Liberty!
  • Dangle in silent solitude from a Hang Glider as you soar above tropical jungles and frozen ice floes.
  • Save your progress in memory.