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New features for the end of this year!
« le: décembre 20, 2015, 04:36:00 pm »
The technical update is over!

Here's a small list of the new features now available on Nintendo 64 :
- Ports and remakes of Nintendo 64 games now have a dedicated section and won't be included anymore among the "real" Nintendo 64, 64DD and iQue Player ames : <a href=",1.html"]ports and remakes[/url]. The transfer of the games to this new page will be completed during the Christmas holidays.
- During the first months of 2016, we'll progressively add the texts from the back of games' boxes on the site. You can already have a slight overview by reading the <a href=",25,Banjo-Kazooie.html"]text from the box of Banjo-Kazooie[/url] in its american version.
- A special attention is now given to the previews from the magazines, which are (nearly) equal to reviews and walkthroughs. You can see the preview in a <a href=",818,64-Extreme-n-2.html"]specific magazine[/url], <a href=",-,1.html"]all the previews present on the site or even the <a href=",431.html"]previews of unreleased games[/url].
- Last but not least, there are some new pages to filter the games according to the <a href=""]average rating they receive from magazines reviews[/url]. They're splitted in seven categories in which the games are ordered from the "best" to the "worst".

Some minor bugs have also been fixed here and there and the loading of some metadata has been optimized to make the site even more faster.

Envoy your visit on Nintendo64EVER and don't hesitate to give us your remarks and advices on our <a href=""]message board[/url].