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Title: The issues year 2000 of Magazine 64 are now on the site
Post by: LordSuprachris on Mai 26, 2021, 12:12:52 pm
All the issues of Magazine 64 published during the year 2000 are now completely included on Nintendo64EVER. This Spanish magazine continued to be published despite the low sales of the Nintendo 64 that year and wrote reviews of late-released games such as San Francisco Rush 2049, Space Invaders and was one of the few magazines of the time to have been able to test 40 Winks before it was canceled on the console.
Speaking of canceled games, you can also check out previews of titles that will never see the light of day on Nintendo 64 like Eternal Darkness, Echo-Delta, Roswell Conspiracies, Catroots and even a rare preview of Viewpoint 2064, the canceled port of the Neo Geo hit.

Enoy reading.